Carbon Credits and Sequestration serving Virginia
American Carbon Registry
John Kadyszewski - Director - Arlington, VA
Bio-Logical Capital
Grant McCargo - Managing Director, Founder and CEO - Denver, CO
Blue Source
Jessica Stalberger - Office Manager - Murray, UT
Bradley Raffle
Conservation Capital - CEO - Eugene, OR
Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme
Forest Trends (attention: BBOP Secretariat) - Washington, DC
C2Invest, LLC
- The Plains, VA
Carbon Cycle Institute (CCI)
- Nicasio, CA
Chicago Climate Exchange
Offset Registry - Chicago, IL
Climate Action Reserve
Gillian Calof - Interim-President/Operations Director - Los Angeles, CA
Cranston’s Mill Pond Nutrient Bank
Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Land Trust - Brent Fults - Richmond, VA
Ecosystem Economics LLC
- Bend, OR
Ecosystem Investment Partners
- Baltimore, MD
Ecosystem Services Market Consortium
Debbie Reed - Executive Director - Falls Church, VA
- Arlington, VA
Environmental Services, Inc.
Gary Howalt - Jacksonville, FL
EP Carbon
Zach Barbane - Director, Projects and Operations - Berkeley, CA
Evergreen Environmental, LLC
- Wayne, NJ
Finite Carbon
- Wayne, PA
Forest Carbon Fund
- Berkeley, CA
Forest Carbon Portal
Forest Trends' Ecosystem Marketplace - Washington, DC
Forest Trends
Forest Trends Association - Washington, DC
Green Assets, Inc
- Wilmington, NC
Indigo Ag
- Boston, MA
Resource Environmental Solutions (RES)
Darrell Whitley - Chief Operating Officer - Houston, TX
TerraCarbon LLC
- Peoria, IL
The Climate Trust
- Portland, OR
Trout Headwaters, Inc.
- Livingston, MT