ExFor The Exotic Forest Pest Information System for North America Participant’s Guidelines

ExFor is an Internet-accessible database containing information on forest pests that can be used by workers worldwide. This document describes the guidelines to be followed by contributors to the ExFor database in evaluating exotic forest pests and in submitting background information to the database.

Regulatory and forest protection agencies, as well as researchers and field workers in forest health and related fields, will benefit from the ready availability of information on a wide variety of pests with potential to become established in North American forests. The information is presented in such a way as to be useful for many purposes. Although the emphasis in the pest risk assessment model developed for this project is on potential establishment and impact, information on pathways for introduction and means of dispersal is provided in the Pest Facts Sheets. It is anticipated that this information will prove useful for the assessment and management of introduced pests, wood products and other commodities from offshore sources.  


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